Mallory King

At 6'3", Mallory is an intimidating creature. With a physique kept in meticulous shape, he is an attractive black man, proud and commanding. A subtle "menace" lies just beneath the surface, along with eyes that seem to shine unnaturally.


HIGH CONCEPT – Outcast Demon Possessing A Mortal

TROUBLEBlood Is Thicker Than Water

PHASE 4 ASPECTGUEST STAR: If All Else Fails, Hit It…A Lot.

SUPERB (+5) x 2

GREAT (+4) x 2

GOOD (+3) x 2

FAIR (+2) x 3

AVERAGE (+1) x 5

(-1) Marked By Power
(-4) Supernatural Strength
(-4) *Supernatural Toughness
(-2) *Inhuman Recovery
(3) The Catch – Thresholds, Running Water, Holy Items, Magical Circles
(0) Limited Mortal Possession

- Toughness and Recovery are affected by “The Catch”


MALLORY KING – The Mortal King


Mallory’s Theme Song – Hell Sent

Mallory King was born in College Park, Georgia in 1982. Raised by a single mother and never knowing his father, Mallory grew up amidst gang violence and near poverty. Fortunately for Mallory, he was a gifted athlete and was hopeful to be able to use athletics as a way to escape the life he was facing. Being the youngest of five siblings was a challenge in and of itself, but in the end, he was determined to make something of his life, utilizing the talents he was born with.

As a young teenager, gangs continued to have an influence in his life, but he managed to maintain a peripheral presence among those “friends” of his. Lettering in football, baseball, basketball and wrestling managed to keep him busy all year long. Even in the summer, he was occupied training for next year, keeping him off the streets. Going into his senior year held promise. He was recruited by many universities for both wrestling and football. But at the end of the football season, fate had other plans for him…

In the year 2000, Janice Franklin, a white high school senior and captain of the cheerleading squad, became pregnant with Mallory’s baby. As an eighteen year old man, Mallory was now a father facing responsibilities outside of himself. Janice’s parents were furious and embarrassed. They made Janice file the District Attorney to force Mallory into a paternity test to obtain financial support for the child. But Mallory was an honorable young man. He confessed that the baby was his and that he would pay any child support required.

With the stigma of a newborn baby, the athletic scholarships began to quickly disappear. Mallory was now left with little hope to be able to attend college and work the hours he would need to work to support himself and a baby. Mallory found a job as a welder’s apprentice and began working welding contracts around the College Park area.

Janice moved to Charleston, South Carolina and birthed a twin boy and girl when she arrived. Laura and Will are the names of his two children. Her parents moved with her and forbade Mallory to see the children. Fortunately for the twins, Janice’s parents are very affluent and are making sure the children are well cared for. But the parents are continuing to work the legal system to ensure that Mallory will pay child support for until both children are eighteen. Although legally Mallory was within his rights to visit his children, he knew he could not afford to move to Charleston and support himself there. College Park was manageable due to his living with his older sister. It was sad situation for the once promising young man, but Mallory never gave up hope.

For eleven years, Mallory worked as a welder in Atlanta, GA. He continues to pay child support, which wears on his already meager finances. Twice a year, Mallory secretly drives to Charleston and will watch his kids from a distance a couple of days. While he has never spoken to them, he truly desires to be able to look after them and protect them, even if they do not know about it. However, Mallory does not have the ability to do that in any way, other than financially.

In the last year, his fate turned from bad to worse. After suffering from sudden spells of horrific pain, Mallory was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. What was worse was that his organs were beginning to fail. The doctors gave him a month to live. The world began falling down around him as all his life dreams and aspirations were now completely diminished, but only his children held his thoughts.

Unbeknownst to Mallory, he had gained the attention of a White Wizard by the name of Thomas Livingston. This wizard was one of the rare few wizards who possessed the knowledge of the ritae necessary to summon a risen demon. Thomas had been waiting years for the perfect mortal candidate to present itself in order for the ritual to be successful. The ingredients were all there: terminally ill, alone and with a life full of unresolved aspirations. Thomas Livingston was a desperate man. He made many enemies and was resorting to the summoning of a “vagabond” for protection.

Bedridden at Piedmont Hospital, it was a matter of days before he was expected to die. Using magic, Thomas Livingston was able to get into his hospital room alone, with no one the wiser. Once there, he made the offer to Mallory King: die, but live on with a demon inhabiting his mortal body and able to perform a last request of the demon. Thomas was careful to not use the phrase “demonic possession”, but eventually Mallory simply asked him if that was the case. The wizard confirmed his inquiry, but also took the time to explain the nature of the demon. Caring more for his children than anything else he could imagine, he agreed to the proposition…

That night, using every bit of magic he could muster, Thomas Livingston sequestered Mallory King out of the hospital and took him to his home, complete with the all the medicines flowing through his blood stream. There, he took him within his hidden summoning chamber and began the ritual that would summon the Risen Demon. After an hour of incanting the powerful ritual, a vagabond was summoned, whose name was Rega’moth. The vagabond was relieved at being summoned and at seeing a dying man.

As Thomas Livingston finished the incantation, the demon appeared which elicited a scream of horror from Mallory King. But he was able to quickly get over his initial shock and fear, focusing on his children. The whole experience was surreal to Mallory, between the incredulity of it all and the medicine going thru his system, he had a hard time even fathoming what was occurring. Not wishing to taint the ritual, Thomas asked Mallory if it was alright if he began cutting the flow of pain killers and medicine. Grimly, Mallory nodded to the request, knowing that his head would have to be clear in order for the ritual to take hold, as explained by Thomas.

For many moments, the risen demon and Mallory King stared at one another in silence. Thomas Livingston could only watch at the exchange that would have to take place in order for the ritual to be successful. Being a Christian, Thomas felt he had to soothe his conscience before agreeing to be “possessed”. The following scene took place…

With conviction and courage in his words, Mallory began, “Are you a demon?”

In a voice that reverberated like low thunder, wholly unnatural, the vagabond replied icily, “Yes, I am a demon.”

“Do you align yourself with evil?”

The vagabond paused before answering, considering his words, “I align myself with me.”

“Do you take pleasure in harming mortals?”

“I gain slight satisfaction in dominating mortals, but I do not take pleasure in the act of harming them. I do what must be done for the protection of your mortal body and my soul”.

“Will you use my body to harm mortals?”

“If they come between your request and my goals, yes, I will harm mortals”.

“What are your goals?”

“My goals are to grant your dying request, gain allies among the White Wizards and surround myself with others like me—there is protection in numbers”.

“Your kind are outcasts among other demons?”

“My kind are not only outcasts, we are hunted. When we are captured, we are tortured for eternity. If it is within their power, the demons from the World Below would wipe out kind our entirely”.

Nodding grimly at the demon, he turned to Thomas and said, “I will grant the demon my body in return for a dying request. Thomas smiled thinly, incanted once again and said softly, “Make your request of Rega’moth quickly, your life signs are fading and the demon’s time on this plane is waning rapidly.”

It was Mallory’s turn to choose his words carefully. Coughing up blood as he spoke, the dying man stated as clearly as he could, “Rega’moth, I freely give you my dying body. In return, I request that you see to the safety of my two children, Lauren and Will, for the rest of their lives.”

Rega’moth’s demonic face of neutrality twisted into that of annoyance and frustration, but bowed in acknowledgement. As if that was the last gesture Mallory was waiting on, his heart stopped beating and succumbed to death…almost. The last spark of life was absorbed by the Risen Demon. Rega’moth slowly dissipated and the demon’s essence trickled into the “dead” mortal. Mallory’s eyes shot open violently. In one move, Mallory was on his feet, with every sign of illness and enfeeblement gone, as if it never existed. He looked over his new body and smiled darkly. His eyes shot up to glare at the White Wizard and asked, “You have me summoned here. You know what I must do. What is it you wish of me?”

Swallowing heavily, the trembling wizard said, “I am being hunted by demons. I want you to protect me”.

Rega’moth’s eyes narrowed and his voice coolly replied, “You summon me here to fight that which threatens me the most? You are an imbecile. I will do what I can wizard, but you only heap more danger onto us both…”

A few days later, during one of the few times Rega’moth left the wizard’s side for a few hours, Rega’moth found Thomas Livingston dead, burned by hellfire. Taking that as his queue, Rega’moth left Atlanta and moved to Charleston, South Carolina so that it would be easier to fulfill the ritualistic vow of aid that was levied on him by Mallory King.

Mallory King quickly burned all his familial bridges in Atlanta. While the request made of him involved his children, it did not specify about his mother and siblings. He made sure he would be ostracized by them and left for good. When he came to Charleston, he quickly found work as a contractor for a shipyard, performing high risk welding jobs, including underwater welding. He has had no issue making plenty enough money to provide the child support required and make a living doing this kind of work. Without the knowledge of his children or their mother and her family, he has been watching over the twins, seeing to their well-being from the shadows.

REGA’MOTH – The Demon King


In The Beginning…
There was a time long ago when angels fell from grace. These fallen angels were cast down to earth, stripped of their godliness, only to resemble something more akin to demons. During the turbulent time in the Heavens, a smaller occurrence was taking place in the World Below. Groups of demons rose up against their hierarchal “masters”, desiring freedom, no longer please with being lorded over by their cruel tormentors. These groups of demons who rebelled against the established order in the World Below became known as Vagabonds. These Vagabonds were primarily made up of those making a power play, but a rare few rebelled because it was the only chance they felt they would get in attaining true independence. These few Vagabonds manifested a semblance of a conscience. In the end, some angels would fall and some demons would rise. These “Risen Demons” may not have pure hearts, in the traditional sense, but instead have a lack of desire to act in an evil manner, just because it was “evil”. In fact, most were as self-serving as there evil counterparts, but went about their goals in entirely different ways.

But in the end, the “rebellion” that took place in the World Below failed miserably. The hierarchal demons were simply too numerous and too powerful to be unseated. The uprising was crushed swiftly and brutally, much to the detriment of the rebel demons. In a short amount of time, they went from highly visible combatants to being hunted doggedly. Most of those who rebelled were caught and made to suffer torment for the rest of eternity. Fewer still managed to slink back into the masses, none the wiser of their “treasonous” actions. Rarest of all are those demons who have managed to evade capture or utter destruction. Hunted for all eternity, many hierarchal demons believe it is simply a matter of time before all of them are found.

The Vagabonds in hiding have a dangerous and difficult road. On one hand, they are free from their tormentors, yet on the other, it is simply a matter of time before they are caught…and they know it. For those still on the run, they have desperately sought out the means to escape from the World Below in the hope of increasing their chances of survival. As such, many demons turned to the study of ritualistic magics, seeking some way to increase their chances of being summoned to the plane of Earth to carve out an existence that may be less dangerous. Centuries passed and the Vagabonds were no closer to improving their existence. In the end, salvation came in the form of an accident…

History of the Vagabonds
Millennia ago, a powerful Black summoner by the name of Kalpernius began to suffer a crisis of morality. Wishing to no longer practice his foul arts, he began researching other methods of summoning with the hope of summoning creatures other than horrific demons. Purely by accident, he was able to summon a Vagabond named Thomgriff. Both the Vagabond and the Wizard were both baffled at how they were in each other’s presence. They spoke for about an hour before finally, the tether to Earth dissipated and the Vagabond was thrust back into the World Below. Kalpernius summoned the Thomgriff time and time again, trying to find a way to keep him bound to Earth. Both Kalpernius and the Vagabond did not understand how other demons could remain, yet Vagabonds could not. This research went on for over a year before Kalpernius came to the conclusion that they were not demons at all, but something different. Vagabonds were “Fallen Demons”. He began to approach the Vagabond in his summoning like it was a Fallen Angel of legend. Using this as a basis for his research, he made progress in keeping the Vagabond summoned for hours longer, but still could not tether him to Earth.

Kalpernius’ wife was dying, on her deathbed. Uniquely, the Vagabond could sense death coming for her swiftly and felt it had the capability of helping his wife. But Kalpernius’ wife wanted no part of it. The wizard begged his wife to allow him to help her, but she had seen a lifetime of the harmful effects of black magic and wished not to have any part of such arts. She died minutes later.

The wizard grieved for weeks before coming back to his research. Kalpernius surmised that the Vagabond needed a human near death in order to inhabit a form. So Kalpernius found an elderly man called Alexander that was fading from an unknown ailment. The Vagabond sensed the demise approaching and felt he could inhabit the dying man, but the Vagabond could not proceed. Kalpernius asked the Alexander if it would be possible for the Vagabond to inhabit him. As he struggled to speak, the old man granted the request, but on the condition that Thomgriff looked after his daughter. In that instant, the Vagabond felt a powerful compulsion to fulfill that request and was allowed to inhabit the man. The last vestige of the old man’s life force faded, replaced by the Vagabond and the undeniable compulsion to care for the old man’s daughter and grandchildren.

Until Kalpernius’ last days, Thomgriff served the wizard and cared for the daughter and children. The old man’s progeny thought his behavior to be odd, but accepted him, never knowing that Alexander had died. They were simply amazed at the miraculous recovery the old man underwent. But as time passed, the father did not age another day, nor did his health suffer in the least. The daughter and her grandchildren began to believe something was amiss. They ostracized the old man, believing something foul had a hold over him…in this, they were partially correct. Despite the daughter’s efforts to distance herself and her children, Thomgriff continued to watch over them, helping her in ways she would never comprehend. Kalpernius died ten years later, so the Vagabond now only helped the daughter. For thirty more years, he served in this capacity from the shadows until the daughter died. The Vagabond feared he would be yanked back to the World Below, but it never happened…he was now truly free.

Thomgriff researched as much as he could about his condition and the old body he inhabited. Wishing to free more Vagabonds from the World Below, he sought consul from wizards with a reputation for their high morals. Intrigued by the Vagabond, they shared the secret among their close friends and began summoning Vagabonds as dying humans became available. One wizard forced the issue, slitting a man’s throat, but the wizard found quickly that such blood magic had dire consequences. Not only could the Vagabond not enter the host, but it opened the door for other demons to enter…and enter a demon did. He and the Vagabond were thrust back to the World Below, where the Vagabond was tortured and the secret of the Vagabonds came to be known by the demons.

Eventually, Thomgriff was discovered by demons and destroyed by his own kin. But the secrets of summoning Vagabonds has not been lost, in fact, it is a closely guarded secret among the more scrupulous wizards. But with demons actively hunting wizards with access to the ritual and actively hunting Vagabonds on Earth, the Risen Demons are few and far between. Mystical scholars “in the know” theorize that Vagabonds are the polar opposites to the Order of the Blackened Denarius…

Rega’moth, The Twice Damned
Rega’moth is one of the Risen Demons that exists as an outcast, hunted relentlessly by the hierarchal demons. When the rebellion occurred, Rega’moth was at the forefront, one of those leading the efforts to achieve their freedom. It was not mortality that drove him, but instead pride, a thirst for independence and an utter hatred for the existing establishment: hierarchal demons. During this time, Rega’moth found himself in the company of a couple of demons that did not seem to possess the bloodthirstiness of his ilk. In time, he discovered that these demons had lost much of their mystical powers, left with only enhanced physical attributes. It seemed that whenever a demon began to manifest a conscience, it would somehow loss the ability to conjure any mystical powers, left with only their base strength, toughness and speed. It was anamoly, but Rega’moth paid little mind to it. They were soldiers and could still contribute in the rebellion against the hierarchal demons.


The war raged for years, but slowly and surely, the numbers and power of the hierarchal demons turned out to be far too much to overcome. The rebellion started with a fury and hope, but ended in a whimper. Some demons turned on the rebels, others fled and most were captured, destined to a life of torment. Rega’moth was one of the last to flee, but did manage to escape. As he had a chance to flee unscathed, he witnessed two other rebel demons being dragged away. Not understanding why, an urge to help them gripped Rega’moth. At the risk of his own capture, he ambushed the captors and freed the pair of demons. The rebel demons stared at Rega’moth incredulously, not understanding why he put himself at risk to free them with the rebellion effectively over. Rega’moth looked down at his clawed hands, not understanding himself. But at that moment, he understood that he had changed—the hellfire and magics at his beck and call were no longer able to be brought to bear. He had become of those rare demons that displayed an act of unselfishness…and it had cost him. Damned to live life as a demon and now damned as a demon…twice damned.

For centuries, Rega’moth has hidden as an outcast in the Realms Below, managing to evade capture, but every year, they get closer and closer to cornering him. When he was finally discovered and unable to escape, Rega’moth was determined to not go quietly. He fought, tooth and claw, until he felt his very soul being yanked from the World Below, summoned by a Wizard on the Earthly Realm…

The Qistrashokk
Although the Qistrashokk are rare, they were once very powerful demon-kind. However, in the World Below, most of the other demons conspired against them, never allowing them too much influence in the hierarchy. Feeling that they had been denied what was rightfully theirs, the Qistrashokk, nicknamed the “Devil Kings”, led the charge as a demonic species in the rebellion against the hierarchal demons. Although they were a powerful lot, the hierarchal demons saw them as the biggest threat and targeted their lot before any others. As their numbers dwindled, the entire rebellion effort began to lose footing. Now, the Qistrashokk are hunted everywhere they go in the World Below. Most of their lot have been captured and made to suffer or utterly destroyed.

Towering, well over seven feet tall, the Qistrashokk are powerfully built demons. With a pair of spiraling horns atop their demonic heads, they seem to epitomize the demons of legend. They are usually found clad in medieval armor, adorned with the skulls of their enemies attached to flowing chains bound to their armor. Frequently, they are seen wielding massive swords and axes. Some choose to use no weapons at all. Lastly, shadowy tendrils writhe about their frame angrily with each tendril ending in long claws which lash out at their enemies when they come to close.

The Qistrashokk are powerful demonic specimens, possessing supernatural strength, speed and toughness, even in comparison to other demons. Most of their ilk possesses hellfire, some amount of thaumaturgy and other random mystical gifts, varying from Qistrashokk to Qistrashokk. It is rumored that the most powerful Qistrashokk survived the rebellion and are deep in hiding. Rumors swirl that the most powerful among them are able to freely manifest in the Earthen Realm

Rega’moth is one of the rare Qistrashokk, but has lost his mystical abilities. All that remains are his supernatural toughness and strength.

Ritual of the “Twice Damned”

It is a rare ritual known by white wizards. It is a closely guarded secret that this demon summoning does not use “The Black” in its process. However, if the wizard has a strong negative emotion when it is done, it does indeed covert to black magic, causing the ritual to take a deadly and often fatal turn for the summoning wizard. The ritual itself takes close to two hours and requires a significant amount of power on the wizard’s part to accomplish the summoning. The wizards that know this ritual are aware that invoking this summoning is risky due to the demon being unbound when it arrives. There is no guarantee the Vagabond will aid the wizard in any way. However, not wishing to invoke the ire of a wizard, most of these summonings end in a pact between wizard and demon. It also should be noted that the conditions must be perfect for this ritual to take hold:

1. A Risen Demon, or “Twice Damned” demon, must be available to be summoned.
This can be problematic because they are usually torn asunder by their malefic counterparts before they are able to be summoned. The only demons that can be summoned by this ritual are those that have been “twice damned”. In other words, they must be a demon residing in the World below and they must have committed an act that has caused them to lose their mystical abilities. These are the only demons that can be summoned that will allow the magic to remain in the “white”. In addition, the wizard need not know the Vagabond’s true name in summoning them.

2. There must be a dying mortal in close proximity.
This is also problematic because the eminent death must be within minutes. As the mortal expires, the Risen Demon snatches the last spark of life, the last remnant of the mortal’s soul, to fuel the body. If the Risen Demon is not able to accomplish that before the host dies, the ritual fails.

3. The dying mortal must be able to request a service of the Risen Demon.
It is only possible for a Risen Demon to stay bound in the host if the host was able to make a “dying request” of the Risen Demon. If the request for a service is not made, the Vagabond is unable to possess the body for any length of time over a couple of hours.

4. The Risen Demon must do everything in its power to fulfill the dying request of the host.
No matter the request, the wish of the host compels the demon to fulfill its criteria to the best of its ability. While it does not have to be the overriding, driving force, it must be given its due attention. If the Risen Demon completes the task, he is able to stay inhabited in the host body for as long as he “lives”. If he continually works towards fulfilling the request, he may remain inhabited. Should the demon continually neglect the request, the Risen Demon may be pulled back into the World Below and the host would fall dead.

Characteristics of Risen Demons (aka Vagabonds)
1. All Risen Demons are supernaturally strong and resilient. A few may possess supernatural recovery or speed.
2. No Risen Demons possess any other mystical powers other than their physical traits.
3. Risen Demons are always marked as creatures of power.
4. When Risen Demons are summoned, they are brought into this realm unbound, mainly due to the fact that Vagabonds can be summoned without the summoner knowing its True Name . Most wizards who summon a Vagabond take significant precautions to ensure that their encounter with the Risen Demon is an amiable one.
5. When their mortal host is “killed”, the Vagabond is sucked back into the World Below and risk being thrust back among demons who wish them destroyed. In theory, the mortal soul is leased from the possession and continues on with its journey to the afterlife. The only way for that Vagabond to return to the Earthen plane is to summoned again with another Ritual of the Twice Damned, within another host. It goes without saying, it is unheard of for a Risen Demon to get a second chance…
6. Due to the unnatural method of summoning these very specific demons, the weaknesses levied on the Vagabonds are very significant. They all suffer from the weaknesses regarding running water, the requirement of being invited in before entering a threshold, being blocked by magic circles, vulnerable to exorcism (magical and faith-based), the power of faith and holy objects.
7. The soul of the mortal they possess still resides in its body. When the demon inhabits the body, it has access to all the memories and skills of the mortal it possesses.
8. An interesting side effect of this particular possession, due to the unique bound between the Vagabond and the mortal, is that the personality, habits and morality seep into the demon, sometimes influencing the judgment of the demon.

Mallory King

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