That's Gonna Leave a Mark!

Down a dark alley, a man wails in pain. He is throwing himself headfirst at the wall, over and over. A motherly woman murmurs to him in a quiet voice about how only a very bad boy attacks girls.

Molly, even closer, patiently whispers in his ear the way that he should punish himself. The woman is leaning in close enough that the blood splatter hits her flesh in in little droplets. She glances up the street and sees Tilda there – a small smile spreads across her face and she says, “Did you want something from this?”

Michael comes around the corner and glowers at Molly. “Seriously? You know, good hardworking Americans have to clean this up.”

Tilda stirs from her murmuring. “So true! How thoughtless of us!” She turns to the man, whose head looks somewhat lopsided. "Go swim out in the harbor as far as you can and breathe water. Now, before you lose consciousness, dear.

That's Gonna Leave a Mark!

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