The new Summer Knight stood awkwardly before me, looking just as young and green as each of her predecessors. Significantly grimy, too – also like her predecessors. Another mongrel puppy in the Lady’s personal Westminster Trials: Destined to be loyal, obedient, and fierce, but in the beginning simply trying to grow into her teeth and paws.

Predecessor: Perhaps this word comes from pre-deceased? In the case of the Summer Knights, certainly a truism. I shall look into the etymology of the term. In the meantime, “What to do with this one, Lady?”

“She knows nothing about the NeverNever. Teach her. Teach her everything.”

As my Lady wishes. At this rate, always and forever as my Lady wishes. More’s the pity.

My attention was drawn inevitably to the stuffed animal in the Knight’s grasp. In addition to my known talents, I was apparently beginning to develop prescience. The plush creature was a humorous representation of the housing for an “artificial soul” from a rather clever Nipponese cartoon.

If this is seeing the future, I would like my money back.


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