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  • Struggle for Balance – Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, and the struggle of human beings living the middle somehow.
  • Chains that Bind – The definition of human changes subtly as supernatural powers take more and more precedence. Are you a creature of Free Will, or are you leashed to some other Power?
  • The Holy City – Charleston is a city of the Church. The Church holds heavy sway here.


  • Thinning of the Veil – The erosion of the boundaries which keep Humanity safe from the Other and the Other safe from Humanity. The veil is slipping in Charleston, slowly, but surely.
  • Rising Powers – In a city of tradition, new forces are rising to threaten the Status Quo and topple the Kings.
  • Corruption, Temptation – Nothing can stand for so long as a bulwark against Evil without being touched by that evil in some way. Who exactly has already been co-opted by the forces they ostensibly stand against?


Club Light
Reading the Leaves
Citadel Kendo Club
Old Slave Market
Battery Gardens
Columbus Street Terminal
Johnson Hagood Memorial Stadium
Magnolia Cemetary
Francis Marion National Forest
Rhett House


Beginning Stories

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Main Page

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