Bad Things Happen to Other People

While Sarah Kilpatrick is practicing at the Citadel Kendo Club, a car crashes into a power pole, knocking out the power to the building.

The emergency lighting came on as Professor Spengler stumbled inside. He blinks as he gazes around the darkened gym.

“Ummm”, he says, “This doesn’t seem to be the library and did anyone else hear something loud a moment ago?”

Sarah and Prof. Spengler walk outside and stand beside Molley, who is watching a young man stumble out of a wrecked car. She turns to the them and says “He owed…someone…a pound of flesh.” As a piece of the transformer falls off and neatly severs the mans arm.

Sarah looks at Professor Spengler with a questioning look as sirens can be heard in the distance.

“Oh, by the way, Professor,” she says, “About that A-…”

Bad Things Happen to Other People

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