Simone Beliveau

Simone is a White Court Vampire that operates out of Club Light downtown.


Simone grew up in New Orleans, a product of decades of African mystics. Her great-grandmother attended the infamous Quadroon Balls in the city and was able to do well for her family due to generous ‘patrons’. After her looks faded, she settled into a comfortable life and would tell fortunes to pass the time. Her predictions were too accurate to discount as sheer coincidence. This gift was passed down, with Simone’s mother being a well-known mystic in the city, but one who was suspected of dabbling in the dark arts.

Simone rejected her heritage and was determined to bring her family into the 20th century, breaking the chain of dependence on tricks and cons to survive. She attended LSU and got heavily involved in campus clubs and got into organizing events and formal gatherings. She dreamed of her mother being attacked and went home immediately to find her safe and sound in her shop, surrounded by candles and gris gris bags, that the tourists seemed to like. She couldn’t shake the feeling that her mother was in danger, so opted to not go back to school for a time. Two weeks passed and the bell on the shop rang dully, a man who had been read his fortune was back and not pleased with the outcome. His wife was cheating on him, revealed by her mother, and after weeks of following his wife had finally confirmed it. It was an old story ‘The Truth Hurts’, and for some reason people like to blame the messenger. The gun was unexpected, the cursing her mother as a witch was not, having to rely on her abilities to diffuse the situation – challenging. She was able to confuse him enough to drop the gun low enough to miss her mother’s heart, but not miss her shoulder. He was arrested and her mother rushed to the hospital. It was scary how close they had come to losing her and it would have been Simone’s fault for not developing her abilities.

So she dropped out of college and immersed herself in the arts, and the society. She connected with the White Court locally and one of the ancients took a shine to her. She learned at his hand and used her event planning skills to get access to the upper class- their money and their emotions. Her cousins were from Charleston, so she had opportunity to visit on more than one occasion. The City of Churches had a very strong White Court presence and Club Light was the center of their world. The Red and Black Courts were encroaching and the call had gone out to back up the court, so Simone went and was part of the force that pushed them out of the city. Gaining status from her actions, she opted to stay and continue to develop relationships, working out of Club Light.

Simone Beliveau

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