Sarah Kilpatrick

Summer Knight


Sarah Kilpatrick is the newly appointed Knight of the Summer Court.

Height: 5’
Blonde hair/blue eyes
Age: 22

Important Skills:
Conviction (p. 124), Discipline (p. 127)

Supernatural powers:
Seelie Magic [-4]
Marked by Power [-1]

Minimum Refresh Cost: -5

Sword of Summer’s Flame [+2]; Creatures affiliated with the Winter Court are especially vulnerable to this blade when wielded by the Summer Knight.

Sarah draws upon the power of the court (mantle of power) to exercise inhuman strength, speed, toughness, and/or recovery (TBD).


Dresden   sarah kilpatrick

Sarah Kilpatrick grew up Middle Class in Charleston, South Carolina. Her father is retired military; her mother works in the Administration & Operations office at the Citadel.

Sarah’s father enrolled her at the Citadel Kendo Club at an early age (12). She turned out to be a natural and stuck with it.

She developed a huge passion for everything Japanese and today, is a senior in College majoring in Asian Studies.

Unbeknownst to Sarah, Sarah’s trainer and mentor at the Citadel is a liason to the Summer Court and had chosen Sarah as the next Knight of the Summer Court and was molding her for the position. Unfortunately the last Summer Knight was killed expectantly, and Sarah was required to take over the role before she was ready.

The mantle of power came with an enchanted sword (Item of Power/Sword of Summer’s Flame). In the hands of the Summer Knight, the sword transforms the wielder into the warrior aspect of her personality. In Sarah’s hands, she becomes one of her favorite Anime warrior characters from the Queen’s Blade and the enchanted sword turns into a large Red Axe.

Because of her age and inexperience, the Summer Queen also gifted Sarah with a spirit guide to keep her out of trouble. Sarah thought the Kon Bear from her bed would be a perfect vessel for a spirit. The spirit does not seem to agree with her.

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Sarah Kilpatrick

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