Michael Mears


High Concept: Working-class Man of God
Trouble: F$@#ing Supernaturals are always ruining my day
Other Aspects: I get paid to do crazy stuff, Danger is my middle name, the church’s trouble…shooter

Superb: Fists, Conviction
Great: Guns, Discipline
Good: Presence, Endurance
Fair: Alertness, Athletics, Weapons
Average: Investigation, Lore, Might, Driving, Resources

Physical OOOO
Consequences: Mild Mild Moderate Severe
Mental OOOO
Consequences: Mild Mild Moderate Severe
Social OOOO
Consequences: Mild Moderate Severe

Bulletproof Vest 1 + Natural 1 = 2

Knife – 1
Nightstick – 2
Gun – 3

Base Refresh – 10
Modified Refresh – 2

Fists: Armed Arts -1 (p152 Fists to use Knife and Nightstick)
Fists: Footwork -1 (p152 Fists instead of Athletics to dodge)
Endurance: Tough Stuff -1 (p152 Physical Armor 1)
Endurance: No Pain, No Gain -1 (p152 Additional Mild Physical Consequence)
Discipline: Calm Blue Ocean -1 (p151 +2 Discipline keep emotions under control)

Righteousness -2
Holy Touch -1


Michael Mears – Irish descent, Catholic, Blue Collar, Troubleshooter and problem solver for hire.

Grew up in Charleston as a ward of the church, exposed to the supernatural world early on. While he is a part of the Church’s status quo, he does not entrench himself in it. He’s very much working class and no nonsense, preferring a live and let live attitude when it comes to the supernatural environment. As long as the freaks don’t abuse the mortals, he’s fine with them working out a living.

Michael Mears

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